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National Institute of Public Health, Prague

The National Institute of Public Health  (NIPH) is a health care establishment for basic preventive disciplines - hygiene, epidemiology, microbiology and occupational medicine. Its main tasks are health promotion and protection, disease prevention and follow-up of environmental impact on the health status of the population. 

The main activities of    NIPH    comprise science and research,  reference and methodological advice,  providing expert opinions on the health safety of various products  (e. g. cosmetics,   food supplements, items of daily use etc.), systematic monitoring of the environmental impact on population health in the   Czech Republic,  preparation of legislation in the field of health protection, including harmonization of Czech legislation with the norms of the European Union. In the field of health promotion and disease prevention, NIPH concentrates on the most important health problems – epidemiological surveillance of severe infections (AIDS, hepatitis, newly emerging and re-emerging infections), and promotion of a  healthy lifestyle (prevention of cardiovascular diseases and tumours, healthy nutrition, drug abuse prevention).

The Institute plays an active role in pre- and postgraduate training of physicians and other health care workers and provides consultations to professionals working in the field

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TraiN-Safe MDs team at NIPH, Prague 
Dagmar Jírová.jpg

Dagmar Jírová, PhD

Head of Centre of Toxicology and Health Safety at NIPH 

Responsible for the overall project management of the TraiN-Safe MDs project as well as activities conducted at NIPH

Kristina Kejlova.jpg

Kristina Kejlová, PhD

Head of Unit for Alternative ToxicologicalMethods, Centre of Toxicology and Health Safety.

Her core activities within the project are related to training of in vitro methods using 2D and

3D models of oral epithelia and on penetration studies

Marketa Dvorakova.jpg

Markéta Dvořáková, PhD

Early career scientist, member of R&D staff at the Unit for Alternative Toxicological
Methods, Centre of Toxicology and Health Safety.

Core activities performed during the project: in vitro methods for
endocrine disruption potential identification and the potential applicability of in chemico / in vitro methods to predict skin sensitization


Lada Svobodová, MSc

Ph.D. student,

Lada's training activities will focus on tissue engineering of oral epithelia and TEER measurement  and irritation/inflammation studies on 3D commercial models .

Alena Moulisova.jpeg

Alena Moulisová, MSc

Young scientist, member of R&D staff,

Alena will be allocated to chemical analyses of MD extracts and/or reception fluids from penetration studies. She will provide demonstrations of analytical analyses for
other partners in the project.

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