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Training Network for improving of safety of medical devices - focus on the oral cavity.

This project has received funding from three member states of the European Union’s programme Danube Strategy under grant agreements numbers: 

  • DS-FR-19-0048 in Slovak republic (APVV grant)

  • 8X20026  in Czech republic (MTMŠ grant) 

  • MULT 06/2020  in Austria (OEAD grant)  


Our Services

AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, GmbH


CEM - Centre of Experimental Medicine,



NIPH - National Institute of Public Health

The formation of this consortium and scientific collaboration was also supported by ERDF/ESF project "International competitiveness of NIPH in research, development and education in alternative toxicological methods" (No. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000860) and VEGA grant of Slovak republic No. 2/0153/20 Bio-compatibility assessment of medical devices and novel medical device materials using in vitro methods based on 3D reconstructed human tissue models.

Structure and objectives

The TraiN-SafeMDs (i.e. Training Network for improving knowledge on safety of medical devices) project brings together the unique expertise of the Czech National Institute of Public Health located in Prague (NIPH), the expertise of the Centre of Experimental Medicine in Bratislava (CEM) and the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna (AIT). The research team of the proposed project has extensive expertise in tissue engineering of models of oral epithelium and/or in safety testing of different MD materials.



1.  to establish international collaboration focused on safety testing of medical devices (MD)

2. to develop a training network for PhDs and young scientists engaged in methods in vitro for the safety assessment of medical devices

3. to identify the most promising in vitro methods and strategies for in vitro safety assessment of MDs used in the oral cavity

4. to standardize the selected in vitro methods and generate first data for selected MD materials as a part of the preparation for a larger

     international collaborative project

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